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Published by Sushma Raju , 02 Sep 2020

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NOVAC brings unique capabilities and deep expertise in digital transformation. NOVAC redesigns the entire digital experience by addressing customers' business requirements, offering a seamless digital experience across channels, relying on smart processing technologies and end-to-end changes.

Digital 4.0TM

Connected digital ecosystems are necessary to build connections, drive transformation & improve business outcomes. The integration of ecosystems allows enterprises to influence new legacy technologies and build automated processes around them. NOVAC extends its expertise to build, operate, and govern B2B & B2C applications to enhance the digital ecosystem in a modern, hassle-free way.

Digital Ecosystem:

With interfaces for customers and partners, the solutions are embedded in an ecosystem for co-creation

Digital Service:

Digitally enabled services which in combination with legacy systems, can provide an end-to-end solution to a broader customer need

Digital Augmentation:

Digital customer interfaces, visualization, touchpoints, and channels augment the experience

Legacy systems which can be ‘digitized’ by adding digital layers around it

Enterprise Digital Transformation

Leverage our expertise to solve business problems and create new business opportunities using digital technologies

Digital Platforms

Integrate and orchestrate enterprise application to deliver business innovation, and digitize process to improve business performance



Helps plan, manage, and get real-time insights into your field sales.


Help administer accounts with an emphasis on excellent customer care.


Helps deliver an exceptional experience to customers across the lifecycle


Sophisticated learning delivered across various platforms and devices

Driving Down Customer Acquisition costs with High-Quality Digital CX

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