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Virtual Reality Development Company

The central aspect of AR/VR technology is that it combines the digitally created data onto the physical world, making it the perfect medium to upscale your business, train your employees, and much more with hands-on experience. The technologies facilitate not only the training aspect but also the daily operations of industries that can significantly impact the growth of the organization. With AR/VR technology, employees and stakeholders can greatly benefit from the virtual environment by adding context, relevance, and personalization to every facet of the organization.

Novac provides innovative digital solutions through immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) to create impactful solutions. We are committed to transforming the foundations of businesses with our immersive next-gen solutions that adapt to the organization’s needs and industry on par with standards and explore beyond reality.

Virtual Reality Development Company


AR/VR technology in the manufacturing industry can accelerate the daily operations in sectors such as 3D product prototype tools and techniques, where a virtual build of the product is necessary. In assembly and quality control section, virtual product / machine assembling is required, followed by immersive marketing and sales. It is also used in maintenance, repair training, and safety training for engineers and new hires during onboarding processes.

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Augmented Reality Development Company

Education and Corporate Training (L&D)

AR/VR can deliver immersive real-life simulations in a safe environment for unlimited possibilities in teaching and learning processes, making it a more interactive, engaging, and efficient training environment simulation. The training is not limited to the education field but also used in aviation, automation, construction, energy, and military industries for various purposes.

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Virtual Reality Development Company

Real Estate

The real estate industry is rapidly transforming with the advent of AR/VR technology, where an agent can showcase properties in immersive 3D models to the client. Agents can also show unfinished property with virtual property staging for the customers to envision the property better. Through Virtual marketing and sales, agents can help customers close the property deal quickly without arranging for physical visits. In the training aspect, agents will be trained in immersive scenarios to connect the buyers from the local and international pool with the properties through the virtual home tour effortlessly.

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Augmented Reality Development Company


The AR/VR technology is employed by the retail industry for varied reasons, such as virtual walkthroughs for customers to try on, leading to faster buying decisions, higher consumer engagement, and brand awareness. With virtual shopping, customers can extensively shop on both offline and online channels with ease. In the training aspect, retailers use immersive scenarios to train new hires and employees on sales and marketing, POS, and storefront operations for their onboarding or upskilling process.

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Employ the ‘Try-Before-You-Buy’ Concept

The concept is gaining more ground with the integration of AR/VR technologies into the customer experience. Various industries will create an immersive scenario of their product and showcase it to their customers before buying it.

Technology Infrastructure

With AR/VR technology, industries can create a more significant digital journey on their existing infrastructure using enterprise resource planning, product lifecycle management, and much more.

Minimize Complexity

Many industries use AR/VR technologies to create an ecosystem of daily operations to minimize complexity and induce an error-free environment.

Risk-free option

Industries utilize AR/VR technologies to stimulate dangerous working conditions such as heavy machinery to improve performance and safety skills for their workers.

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