Financial Services

With vast experience in working with leading organizations in Vehicle Finance, Housing Finance, SME Finance industries on a wide range of services, Novac has a proven record of offering enhanced operational efficiencies and sustained cost leadership. Novac provides reliable and secure software solutions and services that address the fast changing market and business demands and helps in staying ahead of the competition. We have wide ranging expertise in offering software solutions for the companies which are engaged in:

  • Vehicle Loans
  • Housing and Mortgage Loans
  • SME Loans

The proof of our expertise lies in the robust products we've developed that work in real conditions. Our technology solutions are structured around relevance to business goals and high level of user-friendliness.

Insurance Services

Novac provides reliable and secure software solutions for the Insurance industry that address the fast changing market and business demands and helps in staying ahead of the competition.

The solutions address the software application requirements for the companies which are in the business of finance for various models which include:

  • Transaction Services
  • Application Services

Transaction Services

Success always take the lead when the establishments implement innovative and smart solutions in application processing, policy processing along with handling the claims processing and other customer deliverables efficiently.

Novac offers business process driven quality solutions for all types of insurance offerings in Life Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance starting from application processing, receipting premium to policy administration and claims processing. Our valued clients have acknowledged improved productivity, operational efficiency and uncompromised quality in their business after relying on our expertise in insurance outsourcing services.

Life Insurance:

  • New Business
  • Policy Set Up
  • Policy Changes
  • Premiums
  • Analytics
  • Payments

We provide a list of comprehensive solutions to our trusted clientele reaching places far away from just back office support. With our deep domain expertise in insurance processing and diligence, Novac strives to deliver maximum productivity, increased operational efficiency and profitably to our clients.

Property and Casualty:

  • New Business
  • Policy Servicing
  • Payments & Accounting
  • Analytics

Novac understands the segments of Property and Casualty insurance that requires enhancement and renders help in attaining proficiency. We are equipped with knowledge as well as technological competence for delivering comprehensive off shoring solutions.

Application Services

Novac strives to be your Application outsourcing services partner in developing effective solutions for all your mission critical business needs. At Novac, you'll find software programming professionals dedicated to ensure your utmost satisfaction as we strongly believe in quality & customer satisfaction. We accomplish this by taking result-oriented approach to every project we pursue.

When you add Novac as a partner for your business solutions, you'll have a reliable technology partner who is dedicated to helping you grow your business for years to come. And we offer a set of specialized services that are aligned with your vision and business needs.

Application Development

We use state of the-art applications development technologies to translate your IT vision into reality. Service offerings include business intelligence solutions, e-business solutions, custom application development and CRM solutions. We deliver high quality, flexible applications that are easy to maintain, modular to facilitate enhancements, and are reliable, secure, and easy to deploy and helping the customers in better turnaround times.

Our Services include:

  • Application Development Services
  • Application development consultancy
  • Software architecture & design
  • Custom applications

Retail Solutions

The cloud’s vast power to positively disrupt the industry from its foundations is now at the fingertips of a vendor. The entire gamut of business can promptly be handled with a single cloud-based retail solution right from the warehouse to customers’ end, on internet infrastructure access via a remote server.

Retail organizations require constant organized maintenance and streamlined processes to boost the efficiency of the overall shift. By optimizing the business processes across various store locations, the retails can increase revenue, build brand integrity, drive growth, and performance to make overall better business decisions.

A wide range of features can set apart your organization from your counterparts are as follows:

Omni-channel presence to deliver complete retail management from the back-office process to the customers’ end across various stores and geographical locations. Armed with Hybrid architecture, centralized data management, and agile operations, the solution can deploy secured and efficient store operations with ease.

Resilient infrastructure that can deliver exceptional service despite setbacks or disruptions in the cloud solution. In case of any unavoidable interruptions, the connection to the cloud is immediately restored, and sales records can be uploaded without any hassles or lost data due to the inbuilt offline mode.

Scalable technology which allows your business to change along with the SaaS solution across several stores across locations. Designed for cost-effective expansion, streamlined operation, and agile flexibility, your business can focus on delivering top of the line retail experience with automated daily operations across chains.

Ready-to-deploy solutions with enhanced operations customized to suit the needs of mid-sized or large enterprise retailers and deploy them within days. The solution also covers customized and built-in open API to make it easier to deploy in any environment and various locations as possible.

Exceptional customer interface, which contains the customer-centric, seamless shopping experience across both digital and physical channels without hassles.

Digital Learning

Novac Technology Solutions believes in making learning accessible to everyone with Novac Learning- an effective learning solution that aids resources at organizations to learn and perform their job seamlessly

Novac Learning partners with businesses to provide Learning Technology and Learning Solutions that help individuals and teams to perform their trades efficiently. Novac Learning employs evidence-based methodologies to meet the organizations’ learning needs to help them to fit right for the digital era

We focus on the business outcomes, design result-oriented solutions, and implement as per the organisation’s feasibility. We believe learning should be accessible to anyone irrespective of their abilities, and the learning resources should enable mastery of skills required to perform at their jobs.

Solutions Offered

Learning Platform

Axle LMS (Learning Management System) is developed as a robust end-to-end solution for your organisation’s learning and development needs. The platform can accommodate the varied corporate L&D needs and functions as an enabler to nurture an impactful learning culture in your organization.

eLearning Content Lab

We create fascinating eLearning content that caters to a comprehensive list of corporates' learning needs using appropriate tools to make learning fun and purposeful with increased knowledge retention.

Video Learning

Videos have proved to be an efficient and powerful medium to deliver Engaging eLearning Solutions. At Novac Learning, we have seasoned video designers to create industry-specific videos targeting the most pressing learning needs of the organisation.

Immersive Learning

Immersive simulated learning environments have proven to be an effective method to deliver point of need training and also to increase skill levels of learners through a wide range of virtual scenarios. Using Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), we transform traditional learning content into experiential learning assets.

Translation & Localisation

We understand that language shouldn’t be a barrier to learning. Our exhaustive translation services enable multilingual learners to render translation of texts and videos as required.

Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-Led Training still has a place in this digital era as a variety of topics are more effective only with the help of a trainer resolving the learner’s difficulties in handling challenges. We help in analysing your learners' requirement & other factors in play and also facilitate live instructor training either online or in a classroom.

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An all-inclusive destination for mobile application development services

Creating an ideal mobile app involves a lifecycle that should be on par with business needs. Novac’s mobile app development offers services from ideation to launch and can leverage our services of any complexity. Our solutions enable organizations to implement a well-rounded strategy based upon the life cycle of the said application.

Native App Development

Customize your apps with in-depth knowledge of enterprise-grade design and mobile security, with a clear layout and coherency between screens. This enables us to optimize performance, smoother interaction and delivering ultimate user experience.

Cross-platform App Development

The cross-platform solution tends to reduce the development and maintenance costs, thereby increasing the time-to-market on both iOs and Android. We employ a TCO-driven approach on our code base that allows the fragmentation of OSs without losing the user appeal.

State-of-the-art features for Mobile application development

1. Top-Notch UX

Mobile experiences can make or break the users’ expectations. Easy navigations being a rule of thumb, the solution also includes carefully and clear layout to guide users within the application. This improves satisfaction and increases the conversion rate significantly.

2. Feature-Rich App

An application that is power-packed with ample features is what users expect, and meeting their expectations is what we deliver. Right from the home screen, the mobile app seamlessly journeys between screens.

3. Optimum performance

We optimize our resilient mobile apps for minimum resource consumption, high-performance induced backend to handle many number of users simultaneously without any hitches.

4. High-powered security

Securing your mobile app is a sure way to receive the user's trust and increase app adoption. Include biometric authentication, data encryption, two-step verification, and well-rounded risk analysis to secure your app in every way.

5. Multiple Platform

Our mobile apps deliver optimum performance that works across multi-platforms with absolute ease. With frontend expertise built upon on-the-fly customizations and personalized content, our apps increase the consistency and more significant commercial opportunities.