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Published by Sushma Raju , 02 Sep 2020

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Choose your best cloud-based solution tailor-made for your organization.

As opposed to the traditional outsources, organizations need not buy bulk resources that may become obsolete over time. By enabling companies to pay for resources and storage through ‘pay-as-you-go’ subscription models, you can manage costs and scale up with the needed flexibility and focus on business decisions.

Cloud-based solutions are touted to be adopted faster among the small and medium-sized businesses as they address a variety of applications and infrastructure requirements from any web-connected device. How does this happen? Virtualization. All cloud solutions come with a layer of virtualization software that allows you to distribute the available workload evenly to a higher compute power rather than getting ten new servers.

Novac Technology is an all-inclusive, comprehensive cloud-based solution provider that can cater to the demands across industries, thereby harnessing a robust strategy for your organization. As your business grows, we ensure our tailored approach gives room to evolve entirely into a faster and more straightforward path to success.

Benefits of integrating a cloud-based solution

As an organization with growing needs to transform your business foundations or change your customers’ outlook, a cloud-based solution can cater to your needs with a palette of benefits.

  • Reduced IT costs
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Collaborative work
  • Analytics

Why Choose Novac Tech?

At Novac Tech, we create cloud-based solutions for varied sectors such as Insurance, Retail, and NBFC with a detailed strategy tailored to their needs and goals. Our cloud-based solutions are engineered from the ground-up and are ready to be launched in any environment seamlessly.

Novac also offers end-to-end support to clients for precision-managed critical modules to ensure the smooth journey of integration with legacy/third-party platforms. Apart from development and integration, Novac provides smooth migration of existing, on-premise, legacy applications to the cloud for a flexible infrastructure.

Solutions We offer

Cloud-Based Lending Solution

Novac’s cloud-based lending solution has gone to new heights with better features and benefits that induces and improves quality, turnaround time, and unrivaled customer experience. For a lending organization, integrating a cloud-based loan solution might be considered to be time-consuming. Still, Novac can make it happen with better efficiency, agility, and security, thereby providing an upper-edge competitive market.

Cloud-Based Retail Solution

The retail industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors, and businesses seeking to integrate a cloud-based Retail solution can employ Novac’s varied palette of features such as greater security, improved supply chain operation, cost adoption, etc. With our cloud-based retail solution, vendors can take merchandising decisions using customer preferences derived from deep analytics.

Cloud-Based Insurance Solution

Despite the legacy systems, insurance institutions are looking for the next generation of insurance solutions to lead their market position. Novac’s cloud-based insurance solutions can modernize the insurance sector with its various features and added advantages to be utilized by the organization. The cutting-edge technology and renewed business model can transform the insurance sector with a wide margin.

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