Axle LMS: A Complete Guide into the Next-gen LMS

Published by Sushma Raju , 02 Sep 2020

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Learning management systems are the software-based solution that instigates the learning process through strategies through various formats, social learning, and drive business growth through the values placed in the organization. An LMS also takes care of administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting educational courses for employees. An LMS role doesn't limit the above points; instead, it can also deploy and track the assets and employees' initiatives in the system. More than a learning platform, an LMS can aid learners to learn and apply the training in the right direction.

Aspects of corporate settings that require an LMS

A learning management system can deploy and measure the learning activities of the employees. Armed with the content from the organization, the state-of-the-art LMS can support a wide range of activities such as

Compliance training

The mandated training can be done for all the employees through the training and helps the organization mitigate risk and avoid any regulatory compliance issues.

Employee onboarding

This is one of the commonly used activities done through the LMS. New employees in the organization can be welcomed and teach the younglings about its culture, rules, and other relevant knowledge.

Sales training

Sales personnel should be trained about the company's products and services, imparting them with the necessary knowledge and effectively bringing in leads.

Skills Development

Another everyday use of LMS is to help develop employees' skills that align with their business goals. This training will ensure the retention of the employees in your organization.

Axle LMS: The Next-Gen LMS

Axle LMS is an up-and-coming LMS that contains a wide array of features and modules that accommodate the organization's L&D needs. With its easy course creation, Axle LMS creates a better learning experience for employees in a corporate setting. Be it a large enterprise or a small company, Axle LMS is flexible to overcome any obstacles and set up the eLearning course under budget for the employees to adapt and grow in a stimulating learning environment without any hassles.

Features of Axle LMS

Interactive Learning Engagement Tools

Any course with several interactive tools can engage and maintain the concentration of the learner. Axle LMS employs methodologies such as gamification, microlearning, immersive learning, and much more. These tools can be used individually or used as a mixed-up course that suits your employees' needs.

Multi-Device Support

Allowing learners to access the content anytime, anywhere with a dedicated app. This app can enable learners to go through the assets with features such as offline learning, course tracking, collaborative learning, and more.

Blended Learning Functionality

Axle LMS's more prominent feature is to blend various learning tools under a single platform. For instance, if your organization needs to implement instructor-led training and online training, then Axle LMS can happen with a virtual classroom aided with the whiteboard, video conferencing, attendance tracking, asset tracking, and training approval in place.

Course and Activity Management

Your organization's L&D team can seamlessly handle the certifications of employees, add new courses in various formats, customize it accordingly, and track individual employees' activities with Axle LMS.

Inbuilt Analytics

One of the notable features in Axle LMS is the inbuilt analytics armed with tracking options, detailed reports, individual course reports, and extensive leaderboard, among other things, for the ease of L&D teams.

Integration of External Tools and Scalability

Axle LMS is an open architecture that is flexible to integrate and work seamlessly with external third-party apps such as LRS, two-way API, webinar tools like Gotomeeting and Webex along with the single sign-on feature.


By all means, Axle LMS can optimize the learner's experience with its unique features and adaptability to align with the organization's values and goals. Thereby imparting them to the employees within minimal time and increased productivity. If your organization needs an all-rounder Learning Management System, then Axle LMS is the one that will adhere to your L&D needs.

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