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AR VR in Real Estate

The real estate business is a dynamic one with ever-evolving changes to meet the customers’ demands and interests. Customers have niche interests concerning properties, real estate, lands, and much more are changing every day. Immersive digital technologies such as AR/VR can transform the way businesses run and define the market on the whole

Novac can create an immersive and engaging artificial reality to transform the real estate industry to become more versatile and dynamic on all fronts. We are committed to transforming corporate training foundations with our next-gen learning and training solutions that adapt to the employee’s training needs and explore beyond reality.

AR VR in Real Estate

Property Showcase

When a client decides to buy a property, but it is far out for the client to reach out, AR/VR is the apparent option, allowing the client to view the property in the 3D mode in a few minutes with the right gear. Your real estate business can create interactive visits and guided visits depending on the clients’ preferences.

Augmented Reality in Real Estate

Property Staging

Do you have an unfinished property to showcase? Property Staging allows you to create the virtual interior of the property through the AR/VR platform. This type of technological induced showcasing enables the buyer to decide to buy the property in a lesser time.

AR VR in Real Estate

Architectural Visualization

Marketing a property that is not yet constructed has always presented a challenge for real estate developers and agents. With AR/VR technologies, you can create three-dimensional models with the interiors fully developed for the buyer to have a clear idea of the final product.

Augmented Reality in Real Estate

Virtual Commerce

With the 3D home tours and staging, it is natural to allow the buyer to make changes to the interior and place the order with ease on a piece of furniture, curtains, or more with the AR/VR technology in play.


AR VR in Real Estate

Saves Time

One of the most notable benefits of AR/VR technology is time-saving for both clients and realtors. The buyer can see the property through the VR platform and the headset to decide on any property with the virtual staging and property tour with ease.

Building Emotional Connections

Visualizing a property will allow the buyer to create an emotional connection to the place and engage in the virtual tour that conventionally works better than 2D images allowing the buyer to focus on small details.

Global Reach

Since most realtors show the local property to the local buyers, the buyer pool is limited. The AR/VR technology can create virtual tours to buyers worldwide and showcase them for everyone regardless of geographical constraints.

Instant transfer of Ownership

AR/VR technology completes the most crucial task of real estate, closing the deal. Interactive virtual tours, interactive add-ons, and other similar properties can help buyers close the deal without arranging for physical visits.

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