Reshaping the training facet in the manufacturing industry with AR/VR

Augmented Reality Solutions for Manufacturing

The manufacturing and production field has gone through various iterations, and the training process has increased a hundredfold with each notable evolution. From manufacturing screw heads to the cockpit of fighter planes, training is a must. With the growing change, it is imperative to create a training solution that can match the field’s constraints. AR/VR technology can positively influence the training process in the manufacturing field in all aspects.

NOVAC can create AR/VR training courses for manufacturing companies to train their employees in machine designs, product designs, plant layouts, safety lessons, and many more concepts which will require a safe training environment.

AR VR in Manufacturing

Applications of AR/VR in
Manufacturing Industry

  • AR VR in Manufacturing Industry

    Assembly and Quality Control

  • Augmented Reality Solutions for Manufacturing


  • AR VR in Manufacturing

    Product Designs

  • AR VR in Manufacturing Industry

    Sales and Marketing

Assembly and Quality Control

Going through sheaves of paper manuals for assembling a machine is long gone. The AR/VR training can train employees in a safe environment in complex assemblies and quality control to reduce the rate of errors on the job.

Augmented Reality Solutions for Manufacturing
AR VR in Manufacturing


Similar to assembly and QC, maintenance also plays an integral part in the manufacturing field. With the help of AR, companies can create digital simulations on fixing and maintaining the machine or any remote maintenance.

Product Designs

Any design process involves several steps, including prototyping, identifying errors, and then iterations until it passes the Quality Control. With AR/VR, employees can create product design feasibility that simulates and works upon until the machine is built.

AR VR in Manufacturing Industry
Augmented Reality Solutions for Manufacturing

Sales and Marketing

With the help of AR and VR, the sales and marketing team can create simulations for the customer of the finished product, making it easier for the sales team and the end customer to visualize and decide between the products.


Increased Learner Engagement

Employees show significant growth in their job after training complex technologies in an immersive and engaging learning experience.

On-The-Job Support

Learners can gain spatial representation of the highly complex machinery from assembling to maintenance or troubleshooting with precision.

Skilled Workforce

A skilled workforce is essential to patch in the gaps of learning new machinery, automation, and advanced machinery requirements.

No Downtime or Disruptions

Manufacturing lines have to work 24x7 and can afford zero downtime. To counter this, AR/VR simulations can perform visual tests of product lines and equipment.

Improved Quality

With the AR/VR training courses, your company can create a training environment with the highest quality of learning and performance.

Better Time-to-Market

Today’s competitive environment needs increased agility while meeting the demands of the end-customer with prototypes and quality control through AR/VR solutions.

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